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General Information
Species Methanosian
Home World Methanos
Body Humanoid
Ultimate Form Ultimate Swampfire
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Fire Projection
Enhanced Strength
Pyro Immunity
Methane Projection
Sleeping Gas
Enhanced Agility
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
First Appearance Ben 10 Returns: Part 1

Swampfire is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of a Methanosian from the planet Methanos.


Swampfire is a humanoid plant like alien that has an overall green and black colored body mostly with a flame-pattered head and root-like feet seemingly holding rocks. Also, his shoulders and head have red petals. Swampfire is taller than an average human and has a distinct rotten smell that worsens with heat. His voice is very stuffy and nasally because he has no nose.

Swampfire wears the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

File:Swamp Fire.png
Swampfire Regeneration

Swampfire reattaching his hand

Swampfire has the power to project fire though his palms and control plant life.

Swampfire can reattach detached body parts or regenerate them.

In Ben 10 Alien Force: The Video Game, Swampfire can dig underground and pop up in a burst of fire, shoot a straight beam of fire, shoot gas to make plants grow over enemies, and focus his flames into a powerful, concentrated ball of fire.

In Vilgax Attacks, Swampfire can makes vine spikes come out of the ground, shoot a flamethrower-like beam of fire, wield flaming fists, and burn enemies with a ring of fire.

In Cosmic Destruction, Swampfire can grow plants through the ground and make a ring of fire on them.

Shown by Negative Swampfire in The Final Battle: Part 1, Swampfire can spray sleeping gas.

Swampfire has proved to be very strong, able to push a Highbreed weather tower over and hold his own against Vilgax with his bare fists.

In War of the Worlds: Part 1, Swampfire was able to fly by shooting the fire from his hands and pointing them at the ground.

In Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 2, Swampfire can stretch his body parts similar to Wildvine, shown when he stretched his arms to grab Goop and when he stretched his fingers to dig a tunnel in Ghost Town.

In The Final Battle: Part 2, Swampfire has enhanced speed (the scene of him running towards Vilgax was very blurry as if he was moving at high speed).


Swampfire can be frozen, he can thaw out by igniting the methane in his wrists.

According to himself, Swampfire cannot control weeds.

Swampfire's smell makes it hard to hide from anybody with a nose.

Alien Force

Ultimate Alien


Ben 10: Alien Force

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Video Games

Ben 10 Alien Force: The Video Game

  • In Galactic Racing
  • In Vilgax Attacks and Cosmic Destruction
  • Swampfire is a playable alien character in this game.

Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks

  • Swampfire is a playable alien character in Vilgax Attacks. His fire can used to burned root, gas, and enemies.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction

  • Swampfire is a playable alien character in Cosmic Destruction . His fire can used to burned gas, root, and enemies.

Ben 10: Galactic Racing

  • Swampfire is a playable racer in this game on all platforms (not in DS)

Punch Time Explosion and XL

  • Swampfire is one of the aliens used by Ben in Battle.

Online Games

Games Companion(s) According to
Forever Defense Kevin Levin
Gwen Tennyson
Omnimatch All AF main aliens None
Ultimatrix Unleashed Spidermonkey
Ultimate Spidermonkey
Ultimate Swampfire
Ultimate Humungousaur
Hit 'Em Where They Live
Video Games

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Spanish (Spain) Fangoso From fangoso, muddy
Spanish (Latin America) Fuego Pantanoso From fuego, fire and pantanoso, swamp
Italian Fango Fiammante From fango, mud and fiammante, flaming
Dutch Moerasvuur From Moerasvuur, Swampfire
Portuguese Fogo Selvagem/Fogo Fátuo From fogo, fire; selvagem, wild and fátuo, fatuous
Russian Пламенный/Plamennyĭ From пламенный/plamennyĭ, a flaming one
Turkish Çamur Ateş From çamur, mud and ateş, fire
Croatian/Serbian Močvarni/Мочварни From the močvarni/мочварни, the swamp one
German Schlammfeuer From the schlammfeuer, mud fire
French Régénérator From régénerer, regenerate
Romanian Flacara vie From the flacara vie, living flame
Swedish Träskeld From the Träskeld, Swampfire
Hebrew ירוק בוער From the ירוק בוער, burning green
Polish Szlamfajer From szlam, mud and fajer, the Polish pronunciation of fire
Hungarian Láplövő From Láplövő, Swampfire
Bulgarian Блатоплам/Blatoplam From the блато/blato, mud and плам/plam, swamp
Norwegian Myrild From the Myrild, Swampfire


  • His voice resembles Maximus' voice from American Dragon Jake Long.
  • In MAD, Swampfire was one of the aliens Benjamin Franklin transformed into, to sign The Declaration of Independence. He was colored yellow, had Ben Franklin's hair and glasses and had blue fire.
  • Despite having no nose, Swampfire somehow has a sense of smell.
  • Swampfire has a nano in FusionFall after you beat Fusion Ben.
  • Swampfire appears in Cartoon Network's TKO, his special moves are Fireball and Vinespike and his super move is Inferno Blast.
  • The Methanosian Actor in "Double or Nothing" displayed the ability to breath fire. Swampfire has not displayed this ability, though he presumably does possess it.

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