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Swampfire is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Methanosian from the planet Methanos.


Ben as Swampfire

Swampfire is a humanoid, plant-like alien that has an overall green and black colored body, mostly with a flame-patterned head and root-like feet, seemingly holding rocks. His eyes are oval shaped with points at each end with pupils copying the shape but are smaller. Also, his shoulders and head have red petals. His elbows and legs have green frills sticking out. Swampfire is taller than an average human and has a distinct rotten stench that worsens with heat. His voice is very stuffy and nasally because he has no nose. Swampfire wears the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

In Omniverse, Swampfire's first design was similar to his Alien Force/Ultimate Alien appearance, except for having five fingers on his hands. Swampfire's skin was olive green, and his arms were larger. The red petals on his shoulder, along with the green thorns on his body, were thinner and longer. His torso design changed, splitting the black parts on his waist into two. The Omnitrix symbol also moved from his chest to his stomach.

Swampfire's first stage of "blossoming" was more muscular than his earlier design. He also lost his pupils, one of his red petals on each shoulder, and a green frill from each leg. The lines on his neck thinned and the lines on his chest moved upward and into a pointed down angle. His green was also a shade lighter than his olive green.

Swampfire's second stage of "blossoming", he gained more muscle with the black lines being removed from his chest entirely. His red petals formed into a red thorn shape, with two being on each arm. The neck lines were triangular. His shade of green was lime green. His face resembled his fully matured form except that instead of orange surrounding the eyes, there was black surrounding them.

As of Charmed, I'm Sure, Swampfire's second appearance, or "blossomed"/"matured" form, is plant-like, but with major changes. He looks more muscular and taller. His skin color is now light green. His face is now colored yellow, red, and orange. His pupils are gone. His chin is more visible. His hands are now colored black, with four yellow claws (with spikes on the knuckles), and yellow holes in the palms, used to unleash his fire powers. He has six red horns with yellow spots (aesthetically resembling flames); two on each forearm, and one on each shoulder; as well as a green horn on each foot, knee, and elbow. He now has a large collar raised up around his neck, which is yellow on the inside. The Omnitrix symbol is still on his stomach.

Albedo as Swampfire

Negative Swampfire looks exactly like Swampfire in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien but he has red eyes and his Ultimatrix symbol is red as well.

Powers and Abilities

  • Swampfire shooting fire
  • Swampfire growing plants from the ground
  • Swampfire using vines as whips
  • Swampfire reattaching his hand
  • Seeds
  • Tentacles
  • Walking through
  • Adhesive mud
  • Produce Spores

Swampfire has the ability to ignite methane in his palms similar to a flamethrower. After his blossoming, he ignites methane from yellow holes in his palms. His fire blast is precise enough for him to shoot it at a cage with Kevin and Gwen in it, while the cage melted and Kevin and Gwen were left unharmed, as demonstrated in X = Ben + 2.

Swampfire is also capable of limited flight through means of launching fire from his palms as jet propulsion, as shown in War of the Worlds: Part 1.

Swampfire has a high degree of chlorokinesis. Swampfire uses seeds and gases projected from his body, as well as telepathically interfacing with plant life, to manipulate and instantly create biological agriculture. Plant life exposed to Swampfire's gases will elongate, enlarge and ensnare enemies, seemingly being mutated by the gases. Some plants have a brief green aura when he influences them, as seen in Ghost Town. His telepathic influence over plants even allowed him to free Max from the Highbreed Tree Monster, which used Max as a brain.

Swampfire can generate seeds from his body that phase into or pierce into any ground or flooring before turning to vine tentacles strong enough to restrain Vilgax. They usually are as small as pebbles, but in The Final Battle: Part 2, they were large and sharp, piercing into the floor of a ship before turning into tentacles.

As he can produce plant chemicals, Swampfire can even produce spores that cause sleep.

Swampfire's body can generate a type of mud which sticks to everything but him, which he used to blind Albedo as Humungousaur, as the latter could not pull it off his eyes and had to change forms.

Swampfire is capable of regenerating and regrowing any damaged or destroyed body parts, allowing him to grow back lost limbs, holes in his body, or even his head. He was even able to reform his body from remains when it got splattered to pieces in Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 2. He can also reattach detached body parts by manipulating his vine-like "veins" and tentacles to reach out and meld with the insides of the detached limb and return them to the body, allowing him to reconstitute automatically if damaged.

Swampfire's methane has a very pungent smell which is intolerable to some species like the Incurseans, which will make them retch and faint. By spraying methane at a human's face, it will render them unconscious.

In Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks, Swampfire could ignite his hands for "flaming fists", create a ring of fire to attack enemies, and cause thorny vines to sprout from the ground.

In Charmed, I'm Sure, Swampfire's "blossomed" form revealed that he has complete control over the Mutant Pumpkins from Anur Transyl. His fire blasting abilities are also more powerful than before. He can also grow plants from the ground simply by raising his hand into the air.

Swampfire has enhanced strength, being able to push over a Highbreed Weather Array using leverage by turning his feet into roots running deep into the ground as well as hold his own against Vilgax with his bare fists. In his "blossomed" form, he appears to be even stronger and more durable than before.

In X = Ben + 2, Swampfire's body structure allowed him to walk straight through the spaces between the iron bars of his holding cell. Also, in Ben 10 Returns: Part 1, he was crushed under a large container and his body deformed into vines that burrowed through and then out of the ground to reform him instantly. In the same instance, Kevin punched Swampfire in the torso, resulting in his fist getting stuck in it until Swampfire punched him back.

In Weapon XI: Part 2, Swampfire shows the ability to grow vines with a flame tip from his hands and use them as whips.


In Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 2, Swampfire was continuously cut up by Goop's Anti-Gravity Projector, preventing him from regenerating.

Swampfire can be frozen, which renders him immobile. He was frozen by a DNAlien in Everybody Talks About the Weather. He can thaw himself out by igniting the methane in the palms of his hands. He was also frozen by Big Chill during a fight with Albedo in Good Copy, Bad Copy.

According to himself, Swampfire cannot control weeds, though after 'blossoming,' he gains the ability to command the hordes of Mutant Pumpkins.

Swampfire's swampy stench makes it hard to hide from anybody or anything capable of smelling.

As shown in Catch a Falling Star, if Ben turns into Swampfire with a broken arm, Swampfire's arm will be twisted and shriveled. He was also in pain from it.



Plant Clone

Anur-Mirrored Ben


Anur-Mirrored Ben

Cartoon Network Action Packs



  • Double Trouble
Chapter Books
  • War of the Worlds

Video Games

  • Swampfire in Vilgax Attacks and Cosmic Destruction
  • Swampfire in Galactic Racing
  • Swampfire in Omniverse 2

Ben 10: Alien Force

  • Swampfire is a playable alien in the game.

Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks

  • Swampfire is a playable alien in the game. His fire can be used to burn roots, gas, and enemies.

Ben 10 Alien Force: The Rise of Hex

  • Swampfire is a playable alien in the game.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction

  • Swampfire can ignite methane in his palms to project fire. His fire is able to destroy a car. Swampfire can double jump by launching fire from his palms as jet propulsion. He is able to create plants and ignite them.

Ben 10: Galactic Racing

  • Swampfire is a playable racer in this game on all platforms (except DS).

Ben 10: Omniverse 2

  • Swampfire is a playable alien in the game (not on 3DS). He has his original Omniverse appearance.

Punch Time Explosion XL

  • Swampfire is one of the aliens used by Ben in Battle.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Bulgarian Блатоплам/Blatoplam From the блато/blato, mud and плам/plam, swamp
Chinese 沼泽火 From 沼泽 (Zhǎo Zé), swamp, and  (Huǒ), fire
Croatian Močvarni/Мочварни From the močvarni/мочварни, the swamp one
Dutch Moerasvuur From moerasvuur, swampfire
French Régénérator From régénerer, regenerate
German Schlammfeuer
Greek Βαλτοφωτιάς From βάλτος, swamp and φωτιά, fire
Hebrew ירוק בוער From the ירוק בוער, burning green
Hungarian Láplövő From láp, swamp and lövő, shooter.
Italian Fango Fiammante From fango, mud and fiammante, flaming
Korean 머드파이어 From 머드, mud and 파이어, fire
Norwegian Myrild From the myrild, swampfire
Polish Szlamfajer From szlam, mud and fajer, the Polish pronunciation of fire
Portuguese (Br) Fogo Selvagem/Fogo Fátuo From fogo, fire, selvagem, wild, and fátuo, fatuous
Romanian Flacara vie From the flacara vie, living flame
Russian Пламенный/Plamennyĭ
Serbian Močvarni/Мочварни From the močvarni/мочварни, the swamp one
Spanish (HA) Fuego Pantanoso From fuego, fire and pantanoso, swamp
Spanish (Spain) Fangoso From fangoso, muddy
Swedish Träskeld From the träskeld, swampfire
Turkish Çamur Ateş From çamur, mud and ateş, fire


His name is a combination of "swamp" and "fire".


  • Swampfire's voice resembles Maximus' voice from American Dragon Jake Long.
  • Despite having no nose, Swampfire somehow has a sense of smell.
  • Swampfire has a nano in FusionFall after the player beats Fusion Ben.
  • Swampfire appears in Cartoon Network's TKO.
    • His special moves are Fireball and Vinespike, and his super move is Inferno Blast.
  • Swampfire has the most designs of all of Ben's aliens.
  • Swampfire's redesign in Omniverse has many similarities to Tom Perkins' original concept art of him.[1]
  • Swampfire is one of Ben's aliens whose natural biological behavior overrides his normal state, the other being Big Chill, whose Necrofriggian's drive to reproduce also overrides the Omnitrix, as shown in Save the Last Dance. The Methanosians undergo a kind of growth and "blossoming" phase. In Ben's case, his Omnitrix is unable to select a different alien and he develops large facial pustules in his human form, until his Swampfire form has fully blossomed.


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