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Sublimino profile
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Affiliations Negative 10 (formerly)
Occupation(s) Stage Hypnotist
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Hypnotizing Pocket Watch
Voice Actor Richard Horvitz
First Appearance Midnight Madness

Sublimino is a short-tempered and midget-sized villain with hypnotic powers.


Sublimino makes his first appearance in Midnight Madness, as the mega-mall's show host. His first "trick" was hypnotizing Ben and two other people to do some tricks on the stage. During the act he almost causes Ben to display his alien forms to everyone in the shopping mall when he commands Ben to imitate an alien. Max and Gwen manage to take Ben off the stage before this happens. Interested, he hypnotizes Ben again in order to steal a large set of machinery, including some metallic parts and the mall's giant clock. Later, he tries to control every person in the mall with a giant clock, but fails in his scheme, due to Wildvine's intervention, revealing that Sublimino is nothing without his mind control.

Sublimino later appears as part of the Negative 10 to defeat the Tennysons, even controlling Cooper and ordering him to attack them. He is also the most silent and the least complaining of the team. In the battle, he fights Eye Guy and tries to hypnotize him but is blasted away. Later, he is trapped in the force field.


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Sublimino is a reference to the word "subliminal" which means "going into the passage of mind when a person is unconsious" or "hypnotized". It also means to stimulate and produce a sensation beyond the threshold of consciousness.

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