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Strabismus is the leader of the Churls. He first appeared in Eye of the Beholder.


He looks like a normal churl wearing a white jacket over a black shirt. He has a blue headband tied on his chest and he wears a blue crown-like hat on the top of his head.


In his first appearance, he attacked Baz-El for stealing the Occulent of the Sanctuary Guardians, whom he and his species worship. Eventually when Ship, Julie, Ben, Gwen and Kevin came to rescue Baz-El, he, along with the other Churls, used his energy beam to attack them. He later awakened the Sanctuary Guardians, and when Baz-El vomited out the Occulent, peace was made. At the end of the episode he is telling the group to be quiet, as they were in a temple.


Ben 10: Ultimate Alien


Strabismus is a condition that prevents a person from directing both eyes simultaneously towards the same fixation point.

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