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Starbeard is a Celestialsapien who first appeared in Universe vs. Tennyson.


Starbeard is a muscular Celestialsapien with a long beard and two spikes coming out of the sides of his head. He wears bluish-metallic bandages and shoulder pads. He has a staff in the same color as the bandages, which has a bright, white orb between two spikes.


He debuted in Universe vs. Tennyson, where he took Ben to the intergalactic court, telling him that he had violated the Multiverse Preservation Act and abused the powers of Alien X by recreating the entire Universe. He convinced the majority of the Universe that Ben is guilty and seemed to be winning the trial for the most part. However, by using the power of Alien X, Ben won the hand-to-hand combat against the Galactic Gladiator and with that the trial itself.

Powers and Abilities

Just like any other Celestialsapien, he is omnipotent and capable of warping reality.


Starbeard can be defeated by another Celestialsapien, as their power matches his own.


Ben 10: Omniverse


His name is a play on "star" and "Blackbeard".

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