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General Information
Leader Coach Finn
Creator Forever Knights
Other Info
Notable Members Coach Finn
Other Squires
Objectives To replace the President with a double(failed)
First Appearance The Unnaturals

The Squires are vicious killing robots manufactured by the Forever Knights, first appearing in The Unnaturals.


They look like basic robots in their normal form and are of grey color. They have 4 feet they use to walk and have red eyes. They can also take the form of any human and when they do so, they look exactly like the humans.


First appearing in The Unnaturals, they Posed as a Little League Baseball team, who were very good and can beat anyone in baseball. They were defeated by Ben's school team because of Ben's intervention as XLR8. The Squires and their coach, referred to only as Coach Finn, were actually robots manufactured by the Forever Knights as part of a plot to capture the President, destroy him and replace him with a robotic double under their control. They knew that he would attend the finals for the Little League baseball season and would have the team win at any cost to ensure they'd be there to get him. They even kidnapped Cash and J.T. but they were rescued by Ben as Diamondhead and the Squires were destyroyed.

Powers and Abilities

The Squire robots are incredibly strong, able to bend metal bats with their bare hands and throw baseballs with enough force to punch a hole clear through solid steel. In addition, the Squires are able to change their shape and appearance to match that of anyone who they've been allowed to scan. The coach robot is even stronger, able to move faster than the eye can follow and equipped with laser cannons built into its shoulders.


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