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Gone Fishin'

Ben, Rook, Max, and Patelliday fishing in Spaceman's Wharf

Spaceman's Wharf is the shore in Undertown that was featured in Gone Fishin', but named during Catfight.


In Gone Fishin' , Magister Patelliday, Rook, Ben and Max are seen fishing here when suddenly Patelliday gets kidnapped by the Mechaneers.

In Return to Forever , Ben and Rook are talking about Jimmy Jones here when they see him being attacked by Sir Morton.

In Catfight, Nyancy Chan is seen controlling Rath as he catches a big red fish.

In Rook Tales, old rivals Max and Sheriff Watt-Senn are seen having a fishing competition.



  • The name is based on Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.
  • Some fishes that were caught here resembled Magikarp and Gyarados from the Pokémon Franchise.

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