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Snakepit is a future alien of Ben 10,000.


  • Ken was greatly disappointed when he heard he had Snakepit in his Omnitrix.

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  • Does Snakepit belong to Ssserpent's species?

    3 messages
    • Not according to Derrick. See Talk:Snakepit.
    • just because a alien is based on a similar concept doent mean they are related not all feline aliens will be a appoplexian.
  • what if snakepit is in Ssserpent's species

    6 messages
    • just because they are snake aliens doesn't mean they are the same species,there probably docent of Sapiens Snake species in the Milky ...
    • Kenny said MOST of his aliens is lame just because Kenny said MOST doesn't mean that he mean all of his aliens.. just saing :)

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