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Snack Break

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Snack Break
Snack Break
General Information
Original broadcast February 18, 2008
Series Ben 10 Shorts
Episode number 2
Episode Guide
Previous episode Hijacked
Next episode Speeded Out


Ben and Gwen want something from the vending machine. When Ben's snack doesn't come out of it, he plans to retrieve it as Grey Matter. The plan was that Ben turns into Grey Matter and retrieve his snack. Gwen finds a sock full of money. In the process, however, the watch times out while Ben was still inside. When Gwen comes out she finds Ben stuck in the vending machine. She finds it silly but Ben is really mad about this. Ben's snack bar falls out and Gwen takes it angering Ben even more. Then Gwen gets into the Rust Bucket leaving Ben in the machine.
Snack Break Grey Matter

Grey Matter


Aliens Used


  • When the Omnitrix starts to time out, Grey Matter's back is to the glass, but when he turns back to Ben, he's facing the glass.
  • The snack bar Ben wanted is on his left side, but when it shows Ben in the next scene, the snack bar is on his right side.
  • In the scene where Ben is in the vending machine, a yellow snack is behind Ben, but later the bagged snack turns into the candy bar section.
  • When Ben puts money in the vending machine, the slot is next to him. Later, the slot is at the top of the machine.



Ben: Gwen, help, get me out of here.
Gwen: No thanks, you'll just have to wait for someone else to buy you.

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