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Sleepaway Camper
Sleepaway Camper
General Information
Original broadcast April 7, 2008
Series Ben 10 Shorts
Episode number 5
Episode Guide
Previous episode Radio Dazed
Next episode Dogged Pursuit
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Sleepaway Camper is the sixth Ben 10 short.


Grandpa Max's crazy snoring is keeping Ben awake. He tries everything he can to not hear the snoring. So when all else fails, Ben decides to transform into Grey Matter and hide under the bed covering to escape Max's snoring. However, Ben attempts to transform into Grey Matter, but he transforms into Ripjaws, but improvises using his abilities to have a peaceful night in the bottom of a lake.


Aliens Used


  • The Omnitrix will time out eventually and revert Ripjaws back into Ben. It would be impossible for him to sleep the entire night in the lake.



Ben: Grandpa's snoring is killing me! What am I gonna do?
Gwen: (hands him a tissue box) Here, try this.
Ben: Tissues. What am I supposed to do with these? Sneeze myself to sleep?
Gwen: Stuff them in your ears, lame brain.
Ben: That's actually a pretty good idea.

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