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General Information
Species E.V.O
Affiliations The Pack
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Creation of crystal weapons and constructs from his body
First Appearance Hero Times Two

Skalamander is an E.V.O of unknown origin and living in Rex Salazar's universe. He is a part of the Pack.


Skalamander HTT
Skalamander in the Comics

Skalamander has scaly green skin, a stubby right arm, and a massive left arm that has a multitude of blue-green crystal formations. He has a reptilian-like head that stands completely vertical and he always has saliva around his mouth. His pupil-less eyes are dark yellow and he has six crystal spikes jutting from his left shoulder/upper back region. His four legs are stubby with three toes each and he has a rather thick tail.

Powers and Abilities

Skalamander power
Skalamander using his powers
Bentenny10Added by Bentenny10

Skalamander's body produces a crystal-like material at all times. The crystals physically growing out of his right arm appear to be a club of crystals. He is capable of projecting barrages of these crystals at his opponents. The crystals are incredibly hard and dense, making it possible for them to break through and impale most objects. He can grow them to a point were they can be used as a giant shield. The crystal-club is also a great usage for blunt forces, being able to slam objects down and do serious damage.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
French Skalamandre From Salamandre, salamander


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