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Sir Morton

Morton OV

Sir Morton

General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Affiliations Forever Knights
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Forever Knight Training
Equipment Kinetic Face Shield
DNA Scanner (destroyed)
Light Sword
Voice Actor Kevin Michael Richardson
First Appearance Pet Project

Sir Morton is a Forever Knight who first appeared in Pet Project.


Morton is a tall, broad-shouldered man whose full body is covered by the Forever Knight armor. In Alien Force, his armor was grey but in Omniverse, it is more bluish-silver.


Alien Force

His main objective was to capture Ship, so he could be used to control a spaceship that was too complicated for a human pilot.


He makes a comeback in Return to Forever, as a member of the Forever Knight remnants trying to capture Jimmy Jones under orders from Joseph Chadwick, but he failed.

In Bengeance Is Mine, he, along with the Forever Ninja and the Twin Knights, fought Ben and Rook in Pakmar's store, Loofah Emporium. After the store got destroyed, they disappeared.

In An American Benwolf in London, he, the Forever Ninja, and the Twin Knights helped Chadwick to find Excalibur in London.


Ben 10: Alien Force

Ben 10: Omniverse

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