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Sir Dagonet

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Sir Dagonet
Sir Dagonet. 3
General Information
Species Human
Age Unknown (deceased)
Affiliations The Forever Knights
Occupation(s) Forever Knight officer
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Forever Knight training (Expert in hand-to-hand combat)
Access to Forever Knight/Alien Weapons
Intelligence gathering (due to his status as an intelligence squad officer)
Relatives Unknown
Alias Knighty McKnighterson (Argit)
Voice Actor Greg Ellis
First Appearance Andreas’ Fault

Sir Dagonet is an elite intelligence squad officer of the The Forever Knights.

He came to take Argit out of a Forever Knights castle. He then captured Argit, Ben, Gwen and Kevin tried to execute Andreas, but after his MG42-like weapon was broken, he set it to self destruct which contained enough power to destroy 5 square miles but stoped by Andreas and everyone thought he died, but he didn't. He then teleported away with the other Forever Knights.


Ben 10: Ultimate Alien


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