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General Information
Original broadcast October 23, 2009
Series Ben 10: Alien Force
Season 3
Episode number 33
Overall number 85
Written by Marty Isenberg
Directed by Dan Riba
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Previous episode Vreedle, Vreedle
Next episode If All Else Fails

Singlehanded is the thirty-third episode of Ben 10: Alien Force.


While Ben is escaping from Sunder, the Retriever, using Spidermonkey, Sunder's Energy Axe strikes the Omnitrix, teleporting Ben to the Null Void and leaving his Omnitrix hand on Earth. As Ben is running from an insectoid alien, his hand attempts to find Julie, but is caught by a dog instead. The dog's owners take the Omnitrix away and accidentally turn him into Big Chill. Big Chill freezes the Vulpimancers that are chasing him, but they escape. He then changes to Swampfire and forces them to retreat with fire blasts. However, the dog's owners are scared away by the blast.


Sunder's debut

Ben then turns into Jetray to find Grandpa Max's old Null Void Camp. However, his Jetray hand grabs Julie's leg, causing her to freak out and whack the arm repeatedly. This causes Ben to revert to Human form and fall towards jagged rocks. He is saved by a Null Guardian, who proceeds to slobber on his head. Julie sees the hand, and takes it to Gwen and Kevin. Sunder appears, but Gwen and Julie fight him off while Kevin tries to bring Ben back. Julie accidentally activates Diamondhead, who brings down the bridge Ben is walking on. Ben makes it to The Camp, but finds it overrun by Havok Beasts. Kevin brings Ben back (without his left hand), but his hand is found by the Havok Beasts and they use the Omnitrix. Ben uses Brainstorm, Humungousaur, and Echo Echo to fight Sunder. Ben's hand reappears while Sunder is sent to the Null Void, who then ends up fighting a large Havok Beast while the other Havok Beasts cheer.



Aliens Used



Sunder: Where's the Omnitrix?
Spidermonkey: Green watch thingy, hourglass symbol, turns you into all kinds of super powered aliens?
Sunder: Yes!
Spidermonkey: (in a sly voice) Never heard of it.

Quotes Right


Kevin: (after telling Julie and Gwen his story on how he had his nose in another dimension for three hours, going to his car to remove alien tech, that could bring Ben back on the earth) Aren't you going to ask how I smelled?
Gwen: Terrible, just like your joke.

Quotes Right


Sunder: (after fighting with Sunder, Julie is suddenly held hostage) (to Gwen) Now, hand over the Omnitrix or I slice the girl in two.
Julie: Wait, me?
Gwen: Alright, you win, you can have the Omnitrix, just let her go!
Sunder: The Omnitrix first...
Kevin: (interrupting Gwen and Sunder's talk) How about the Omnitrix never?! (activates the machine, Julie is released, Ben comes back, finds himself back on Earth, is extremely shocked, suddenly looks at Kevin) Told ya...
Gwen and Julie: (both happy to see him, both give him a tight hug together)
Julie: Ben!
Gwen: You're alright!
Sunder': The Omnitrix!
Ben: (going to turn alien) Oh I'll give you the Omnitrix! (goes to slap the Omnitrix, sees that his hand is missing) Ah, not again!

Quotes Right


Kevin: (to Julie and Gwen) And I can't build this thing and protect two ladies at the same time.
Gwen: This lady can protect herself, thank you very much!
Kevin: But she needs a weapon!
Julie: I already have one. (shows Ben's cut-off hand)
Kevin: So you're sayin you wanna hold Ben's hand!? (laughs)
Gwen: (finding it romantic) That's not funny!
Kevin: (continuing his joke) Could come in handy.
Gwen: (annoyed) You done?
Kevin: (taking the hint) Yeah, I'm out.

Quotes Right


Brainstorm: Sunder, I implore you, do not exact vengeance upon my veracity-impaired colleague. I hereby definitively, albeit reluctantly, relinquish all claims on said Omnitrix, and render it into your possession forthwith. (zaps Sunder with electricity) I believe the vernacular is "psyche".

Quotes Right


  • When Swampfire was being attacked by a Vulpimancer the side of him is shown white instead of black.
  • When Ben comes back from the Null Void it shows his left side and his hand is there but later the hand is not there.
  • When Ben dodges Sunder, his shoulder stripe is on the wrong shoulder.
  • When the boys activated the Omnitrix's transformation into Swampfire, they simply tapped the faceplate rather than pressing it down. Ben was shown to attempt this in previous episodes, yet nothing worked.
  • When Gwen and Julie come to hug Ben, Julie's the same height as Ben and Gwen.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
French Séparateur et l'Omnitrix Séparator and the Omnitrix
Hungarian Félkézzel With A Half Hand
Spanish (HA) Sin Una Mano Without A Hand
Spanish (Spain) Con Una Sola Mano With Only One Hand


  • Ben's severed hand seemingly having a mind of its own is similar to Thing of the Addams Family.


  • Ben's body forcibly reacted to whatever actions his severed hand had performed.

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