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General Information
Species Arachnichimp
Home World Aranhaschimmia
Affiliations Highbreed (formerly)
Mizaru (formerly)
Milleous (formerly)
Deefus Veeblepister (formerly)
Blarney T. Hokestar (formerly)
Solid Plugg (formerly)
Collectimus (formerly)
Rojo (formerly)
Occupation(s) Con Artist
Arms/Tech Dealer
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Agility
Scaling Walls
Web Spinning
Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant
Enhanced Hearing
Enhanced Strength
Alias Sim
Prince Simian
Gwevin (actor name)
The 13th
Voice Actor Diedrich Bader
First Appearance Birds of a Feather

Simian is an Arachnichimp con artist who first introduced in Birds of a Feather.


Being an Arachnichimp, Simian bears a strong resemblance to Spidermonkey. However, he has yellow eyes instead of green, also lacking an Omnitrix symbol, and stripes on his tail.

In Omniverse, he still looks like Spidermonkey, but now has black eyes and yellow pupils. His hair is light blue with white streaks and now he has a flipped-up hairstyle. In addition, he wears clothing now, notably a pink shirt. He also now has two white stripes on his tail. In Collect This, Simian is shown wearing a wig identical to Gwen's hair, a purple plaid skirt, and Kevin's blue wholesters.


Alien Force

Simian appeared for the first time in Birds of a Feather, where, after arriving on Earth, he saw Spidermonkey, Gwen and Kevin being attacked by a group of DNAliens. Mistaking Spidermonkey for a true Arachnichimp, Simian interfered in the fight and forced the DNAliens to leave, saving the group. When learning he had actually saved "Ben 10" and his team, he declined their offer to join their team to fight DNAliens, stating he couldn't. He also said that he didn't know anything about DNAliens.

Later however, Ben surprised him when he was stealing equipment from a cryogenics lab. Goop helped him to escape, but asked for an explanation. Simian then replied he was the Prince of Aranhaschimmia, and that in order to prove he was a worthy king, he had to get and bring back to his planet a crystal from a base on Earth's Moon. Feeling empathy for him, Ben decided to help him and convinced reluctant Gwen and Kevin to come too.

Arriving on the moon, the group successfully passed through the base's defenses, even being crushed before spraying the acid on the floor, but Ben started having doubts about Simian's motivations when he asked him to attack Lu, the harmless guard of the base, and tried to kill him himself when Ben refused. It was eventually revealed that Simian had lied to Ben, and was actually a mercenary hired by a Highbreed to steal the crystal, which was the power source of a communication base needed by the Plumbers to protect Earth from the inevitable Highbreed invasion. He pushed Kevin aside when he made his escape. Later, while he was getting to the ship, he attacked Gwen.

Ben later stated that he fully doubted Simian when he mentioned the DNAlien's acid, because Simian said he had no idea who DNAliens were.

When bringing the crystal back to his client, Simian realized too late that Ben had replaced the crystal inside the container with a DNAlien ear cleaner filled with worthless, but powerful acid. Thinking this was a joke from Simian, the Highbreed chased after Simian and seemingly attacked him with the acid. However, the Highbreed changed his mind, took Simian to the Highbreed ships and locked him up.

Ultimate Alien

Simian was imprisoned by the Highbreed, but he escaped and returned in Simian Says after they encountered a problem using a Xenocyte. He then headed to Aranhaschimmia where he sold the Xenocyte to Mizaru. However, the Xenocyte broke loose of the container and attacked Mizaru, forcing Simian to plead for Ben's help as later the Arachnichimps were being converted into DNAliens, though they slightly look different than humans infected with Xenocytes. At first, the group was reluctant but agreed to aid him. After saving all the Arachnichimps and defeated Mizaru, Ben commented that Simian can be a prince, noticing him destroying the last Xenocyte.
Simian collect card

Simian being captured by Collectimus

At the end of the episode, Simian sold a DNA ray gun he found earlier to Emperor Milleous, revealing he has returned to his criminal ways (thus proving that Kevin was right about him).


Simian returns in Collect This as the new "Gwevin" of the Ben 10 show. He was later revealed to have sold out the Earth to Collectimus in Ben's name. However, his plan goes sour as he is collected by Collectimus as one of the Gwevin characters. 

In The Color of Monkey, Simian appears as a second-hand man to Argit, in Argistix Security. He later betrays Argit by giving Rojo a box containing a Tiffin. After Rojo is defeated, Simian attempts to tell the Plumbers what Argit is really doing, but he is knocked out by one of Argit's quills and gets taken away.

Powers and Abilities

Like all Arachnichimps, Simian has enhanced agility, can stick to walls, spin webs, shoot webs from his tail.

Simian is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat able to defeat multiple DNAliens in rapid succession with ease.


Ben 10: Alien Force

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Ben 10: Omniverse


Higher primates are called Simian in biology.


  • His purple plaid skirt looks exactly like Sunny's in Omniverse.
  • His character on the show, Gwevin, is named after a combination of Gwen and Kevin.
  • His shirt was inspired by one of Diedrich Bader's shirts.

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