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Sightra is the home planet of Opticoids.


Sightra is highly unusual in that its consistency is more in line with gelatin than rock-and the creatures who make this world their home have evolved to follow suit. Most species on this bizarre planet have no skeleton to speak of and tend to look like alien offshoots of jellyfish by way of hardboiled eggs.

The only indigenous beings that have a more rigid structure are the Opticoids, which are held together by stiff cartilage, not solid bone. The planet itself provides its own natural defense against any would-be invaders unfamiliar with its unique make-up: One small step for an off-worlder; one giant "Slurp!" as they are sucked into Sightra's gelatinous surface, never to be heard from again.

Notable Inhabitants


The name Sightra is a play on sight, which is a reference to the Opticoids' many eyes.

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