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Savage Pursuit

Savage Pursuit is a Ben 10 game on the Cartoon Network website that was based off the movie Ben 10: Race Against Time.


The left and right keys are used to move the character in that direction. The up key is used to jump and spacebar is used to attack/perform  a particular action. Pressing Z key opens the alien selection screen.
Ben10 savagepursuit controls



Use your alien powers to defeat Dr. Animo. Hold down Z to enter the transformation panel. The spacebar activates special abilities. Ben punches, Wildmutt can detect hidden mines, Wildvine throws explosive seeds, Heatblast throws fireballs and Cannonbolt changes to ball form. You can use Wildvine to swing on branches by using the up arrow key and use Wildmutt to jump down on enemies.

Where to play


  • The Mutant Hamster, the Heatbat, the Mutant Frog, and the Mutant Tyrannosaurus are the bosses in the game.
  • Only the Mutant Hamster and Mutant Frog turn back to normal by Ben, while the Heatbat vanishes and the Mutant Tyrannosaurus stays in its mutant form.
  • Dr. Animo uses an alligator to turn it into the Mutant Tyrannosaurus.

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