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The Sanctuary Guardians appeared in the episode Eye of the Beholder. One of the Guardians' eye was stolen by Baz-El as his "retirement plan".

They are also the beings that the Churls worship.


The look like large obese humans with one big blue stone eye. Their hands and fingers are quite chubby and they have no mouth.

Powers and Abilities

Being larger than the average human, they possess a certain degree of enhanced strength and durability. This durability is shown when Julie (in Ship's armor) and even Ultimate Swampfire were unable to even cause them any form of discomfort or pain when they were shot by Ship's lasers and Ultimate Swampfire's kerosene bombs and fire attacks.

They can shoot blue laser beams from their eyes at foes.


Ben 10: Ultimate Alien


  • The only reason they attacked Ben and his team was because one of their eyes was missing. The moment they all got their eye back, they went back into their normal positions.

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