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Special Extraterrestrial Containment Team
General Information
Leader Lieutenant Steel
Creator USA Governament
Area 51
Other Info
Notable Members Lieutenant Steel
Allies Ben Tennyson
First Appearance Framed

The SECT (Special Extraterrestrial Containment Team), formerly known as SACT (Special Alien Containment Team), is a SAD black-ops military unit that captures aliens and takes them to Area 51, which is illegal under interstellar law.


SACT in the Original Series



Ben 10

Ben 10: Omniverse


  • SECT is much like STORM from the Nicktoons anime show, Monsuno in many ways:
    • STORM's sole purpose is to hunt down and capture Monsunos and SACT's purpose is the same, but varies to aliens.
    • STORM knows about all the secret information about Monsuno's, Wild Cores, and Dr. Klipse as does SECT about the PlumbersVilgax, and the Omnitrix.
    • Lt. Steel is like Jon Ace, a former STORM Lt.
  • Prior to Omniverse, it was known as SACT.
  • The Acronym SECT is very similar to ZECT from Kamen Rider Kabuto. They also share a similar aim, but they try to track down monsters instead of aliens.
  • Several SECT agents can be found throughout areas in FusionFall, a Cartoon Network's MMORPG.

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