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Rojo old gang

Rojo's gang in the original series

Rojo' s Gang is a group of female bikers, lead by a woman named Rojo. They first appeared in the The Alliance.

Original series

Rojo's gang is first seen in The Alliance, where they are part of an all female biker gang under the leadership of Rojo.

Ultimate Alien

She now has two new members in the episode Hit 'Em Where They Live, where they also have new advanced bikes and armor. Rojo's gang was eventually defeated by Rath.
Hit 'em where they live(18)

Rojo's gang in Ultimate Alien


  • The Ultimate Alien gang's armor and hair colors represent the three primary colors.
  • It was revealed in the Cartoon Network game FusionFall that the two members of Rojo's gang (other than Rojo) are called Amarillo (Spanish for yellow) and Azul (Spanish for Blue), hence their colors.

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