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Reverto Meus Ops Mihi

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Reverto Meus Ops Mihi
Reverto Meus Ops Mihi
General Information
Caster Charmcaster
Gwen Tennyson
Type Absorption
First Appearance In Charm's Way

Reverto Meus Ops Mihi is a spell that can revert, re-absorb or drain the powers that once belonged to them if drained from them.


Gwen Absorb In Charm's Way

Gwen regaining her abilities

In In Charm's Way, Gwen's mana power was drained by Charmcaster. Kevin had tricked Charmcaster into battling Gwen, allowing Gwen to regain her abilities by using this spell when Charmcaster stubbornly fired her magic at her.


Reverto means "return", meus means "my", ops means "abilities" and mihi means "I" in Latin.


  • Charmcaster mentions the spell in the battle Ben in Vilgax Attacks DS.

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