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DAA Retaliator 014
General Information
Species Galvan
Home World Galvan Prime
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Intelligence
Wall Climbing
Sharp Teeth
Underwater Respiration
Immense Lifespan
Equipment Mechamorph Armor
Relatives Azmuth (son)
Unnamed child
Alias Retaliator
Downgrade (Ben)
Upgrade Wannabe (Gwen)
Voice Actor Troy Baker
Steve Blum (Mechamorph Armor)
First Appearance Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens
Retaliator is Azmuth's father. He first appeared in Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens.


Retaliator 002

Retaliator wearing a Mechamorph armor

Retaliator has the appearance of a regular Galvan. He looks younger than Azmuth due to his mind getting transferred into a cloned body.

Mechamorph Armor

In his Mechamorph Armor, Retaliator resembles a Galvanic Mechamorph and is blue, black and white instead of the regular green, black and white. He can also morph his body into a battle armor mode with his hands as high-powered laser weapons.


Retaliator was shown to be very aggressive, but this was due to the side-effects of his Mechamorph Armor. He also cared deeply for his son, Azmuth, as his entire role in the movie was to take vengeance on the being he believed was responsible for his son's death.


He wears a piece of Galvan technology known as Mechamorph Armor in Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens. The Mechamorph armor wraps around the user and transforms them into a blue Galvanic Mechamorph.

Retaliator was looking for Azmuth when he found that Azmuth's ship had been destroyed by Evil Way Big (which ironically, was Azmuth transformed by the feedback from the Omnitrix) and went searching for the evil To'kustar that he believed to have killed his son to kill it in vengeance.

Powers and Abilities

640px-Retaliator 013

The Mechamorph Armor

Retaliator has regular Galvan intelligence. In the Mechamorph Armor, he has enhanced strength along with a variety of high tech weapons at his disposal.


Ben 10


His name means to get revenge.


  • According to Derrick J. Wyatt
    • Retaliator looks young because Azmuth transferred his mind from his failing body to a young clone one.[2]
    • Retaliator isn't his real name.[3]


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