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Reflected Glory

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Reflected Glory
Reflected Glory
General Information
Original broadcast October 15, 2010
Series Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
Season 1
Episode number 12
Overall episode number 110
Written by Peter David
Directed by Matt Youngberg
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Reflected Glory is the twelfth episode of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.


The Forever Knights are trying to retrieve what looks like an alien artifact, and Ben and his friends come to stop the attempt. Ben becomes Armodrillo and fights the Knights. After defeating them, they see a light, which is revealed to be Cash and J.T.

The boys say they became Plumbers and showed their fake badges. Oliver Thompson is now working for the boys after Will Harangue fired him when the robot he built for him failed to defeat Ben. Cash touches the artifact, which becomes a robot. They battle the robot and Ben becomes Terraspin. The boys begin acting like the leaders, telling the team how to fight. The Forever Knights escape with the robot's battery and they leave. J.T. and Cash explain they try to take credit for Ben's plans by having Oliver help them get rich and famous, so they decide to try become "somebodies". So they decide to let them go with their plan, with the exception of Kevin, but is able to go with the plan by getting some of their money. However, when they explain they are the brains behind Ben, Psyphon looks and sees what they say, angering him.

They begin to track down the Forever Knights with Gwen's powers, so they go to the beach where Ben defeated Vilgax, where he fought his old enemies and how they managed to get Ben back from the Null Void from Sunder's power axe. They infiltrate one of the Forever Knights' homes and he explains their plan by stealing a power decoupler. The Forever Knights discuss their plan with the weapon and Four Arms and the team come in to fight with Cash, J.T., and Oliver filming the scene. Kevin gets angry with them not helping and Psyphon comes in to destroy Cash and J.T., believing them to be the masterminds behind Ben Tennyson.

Psyphon makes his Ultimate Alien debut
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Psyphon shows up with his R.E.D.s and blames Cash and J.T. for his master Vilgax's defeat, wanting to destroy them. Ben becomes Spidermonkey to fight Psyphon and his R.E.D's. While Psyphon chases Cash and J.T. and Gwen and Kevin fight the R.E.D.s, Ben fights Psyphon. When Psyphon proves to be too strong for Spidermonkey, he turns into Ultimate Spidermonkey. Psyphon learns that Cash and J.T. are worthless of destroying after revealing their scam to Psyphon. Gwen and Kevin destroy the R.E.D.s and Cash and J.T. use the energy decoupler to defeat Psyphon and save Ben. However, when they used the energy decoupler, the power from Oliver's camera ran out and the act of the boys saving Ultimate Spidermonkey from Psyphon did not show. Oliver tells the boys that since they revealed their plan on camera and their act was not shown, no one will watch their blog ever again. The boys are now left in disgrace as total losers and Ben and his friends quit their job of having them take credit for their actions.

Major Events

Ultimatrix Alien Debuts



Aliens Used



J.T: If you kids wouldn't mind stepping aside so we can do our job? (Bumps into Gwen's shield)

Gwen: Your job?
Kevin: Last I heard, your job involved giving wedgies to crying freshmen.
Cash: People change, Levin. You did, or do you still wanna kill Tennyson there?
Kevin: No... not usually.
Ben: Hey! J.T., Cash, what do you think you're doing here?
Cash: We're Plumbers. (Cash and J.T. show their Plumbers badge)

Ben: They're fakes.
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Psyphon: This is none of your concern!

Kevin: I'm kinda leaning towards what he's saying. (Gwen pulls him by ear) Ow! And now I'm leaning toward you.

Ben: Guys, it's no big deal! (He transforms to Spidermonkey)
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Oliver: (turns on his video camera) This is no cheesy recreation, fans! J.T and Cash will actually show how they overcame the power of Vilgax! (J.T and Cash, in the background, run away from Psyphon in fear) Okay, interesting strategy.
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Ben: A blog? Why you didn't tell me?

Gwen: Because I didn't want you to go chasing after them the next time you turn into Rath.

Ben: Rath would never... OK, good point.
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Oliver: Hey kids, Oliver Thompson!

Ben: I remember you, from the video game! You work for Will Harangue!

Oliver: Actually I went freelance, right after he fired me.
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Forever Knight: That alien technology is ours by Right of Salvage.
Gwen: Meaning 'finders keepers'? (shield breaks) Ugh! (trips Forever Knight)
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Gwen: Kevin, get up! We're still in trouble!
Kevin: Let me sleep. We're always in trouble.
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(Ultimate Spidermonkey barely hits Psyphon in the head, he falls down)
Ultimate Spidermonkey: (exhausted) Huh, I still got it.
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Cash: We're total losers!
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  • Four Arms' bottom straps are missing
  • Ben is shown in the smoke
  • Four Arms is shown even though Ben is shown in the previous frame
  • Error underwear
  • Error arm
  • When Psyphon made the entrance through the roof, Ben was shown wafing off the dust. The next scene showed Ben as Four Arms, switching back to human form.
  • When Four Arms goes into the Forever Knights hideout, just as the smoke clears Four Arms' bottom gold straps are gone.
  • Oliver claims that the webcast is live, but after Cash accidentally gets knocked out by the Forever Knight, he claims they can "save it in editing."
  • When Spidermonkey transformed to Ultimate Spidermonkey, he sounds completely different than he was supposed to.
  • In one scene, Four Arms' underwear is gold.
  • In one scene, Four Arms only has three arms.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Portuguese (Brazil) Carona da Fama Ride of Fame
Spanish (Latin America) Gloria Reflejada Reflected Glory
Spanish (Spain) La Gloria Ajena The Glory of Others


  • Gwen said she has "like 20 tweets" meaning she has a Twitter account

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