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Ready to Rumble

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Ready to Rumble
Ready To Rumble
General Information
Original broadcast September 29, 2007
Series Ben 10
Season 4
Episode number 45
Overall number 45
Written by Eugene Son
Directed by Scooter Tidwell
Episode Guide
Previous episode Ben 4 Good Buddy
Next episode Ken 10

Ready to Rumble is the forty-fifth episode of Ben 10.


After accidentally damaging Gwen's laptop, Ben enters a mutant wrestling competition as Four Arms to earn the money required to replace it, becoming an instant celebrity. During the tournament, he fights a pair of mutant brothers named Gaterboy and Porcupine who owe a mob boss named Mr. Beck the prize money, which Ben doesn't learn about until after defeating them. After learning the truth, Ben goes with them to stop a gang called "Collateral", defeating the gang and the mob boss as Ditto. In the end, after hearing his new friends talk about owning up to mistakes, Ben gives the prize money to the brothers and their mother. Returning home, he admits to what he did only to discover that the computer wasn't even broken in the first place. Gwen's thumbprint was the key to make it work again.



Aliens Used

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Hungarian Készen a leleplezésre Ready for the Exposure
Portuguese (Br) Pronto Para a Briga Ready for the Fight
Spanish (HA) Listo Para Luchar Ready to Fight
Spanish (Spain) Preparado Para La Batalla Ready for the Battle


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