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Rook proto tool
General Information
Creator Galvan
User Rook Blonko
Azmuth (temporarily)
Malware (absorbed)
Wes Green (temporarily)
Forever Ninja (temporarily)
Malware Armor
Type Multifunction Weapon
First Appearance The More Things Change: Part 1

The Proto-Tool is the primary weapon that Rook uses.

The Proto-Tool is a high tech multi-functional weapon that can turn into a blaster, power sword, quantum staff, bow, grappler, shield, fishing pole, and numerous other equipment. Rook currently holds the one and only Proto-Tool.[1]

Rook has stated that he has made some "special modifications" to his personal Proto-Tool although he didn't say what they were. When not in use or on standby, Rook wears the Proto-Tool on his left shoulder.

According to Rook, the Proto-Tool is an extremely complex device and only those who are familiar with Plumber and Galvan Technology can properly use its many features, (such as Rook, Azmuth, and Wes Green). When Billy Billions tried to use it, the Proto-Tool literally backfired on him. The Forever Ninja shot itself through the chest when it tried to use the Proto-Tool.

Rook's first Proto-Tool was absorbed by Malware in Showdown: Part 2. Rook eventually received a replacement.


Image Function Type First Appearance
Proto blaster Blaster Combat The More Things Change: Part 1
A Jolt27 Custom Bow Combat The More Things Change: Part 1
Proto grappler Grappler Support The More Things Change: Part 1
Proto net Net Caster Support The More Things Change: Part 1
The More Things Change, Part 1 (527) Pod Launcher Combat The More Things Change: Part 1
DepreyPresa2P345 Power Sword Combat The More Things Change: Part 1
Proto scanner Scanner Support The More Things Change: Part 1
A Jolt from 33 Auto Turret Combat A Jolt from the Past
Hot Stretch (501) Tonfa Combat Hot Stretch
Of Predator part2 74 Taser Combat Of Predators and Prey: Part 2
TT (337) Shield Combat Tummy Trouble
SD1 (267) Laser Combat Rules of Engagement
SD1 (477) Vacuum Support Showdown: Part 1
CF (344) Laser Pointer Support Catfight
Bojutsu Staff Combat The Frogs of War: Part 1
AABiL (269) Pulley Support An American Benwolf in London
TT (396) Harpoon Gun Combat Tummy Trouble
Proto fish Fishing Rod Support Gone Fishin'
SD1 (195) Hose Support Showdown: Part 1
Proto flashlight Flashlight Support It Was Them
Proto sight Sight Support Hot Stretch
SZTWC (73) Computer Support Something Zombozo This Way Comes
MaxMonster29 Energy Shield Support Max's Monster
NHAB (30) Bro Flex Support No Honor Among Bros
Proto smack hand Power Glove Combat Ben 10: Omniverse
Proto whip Whip Combat Ben 10: Omniverse

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Portuguese (Br) Proto-Arma From proto-arma, proto-weapon
Spanish (HA) Proto-Arma
From Proto-Arma, Proto-Weapon
From Proto-Herramienta, Proto-Tool


  • The Proto-Tool is said to be the most versatile tech in the known universe.
  • The Proto-Tool was created by the Galvans.[2]
  • As shown in Max's Monster, the Proto-Tool can run out of power.


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