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General Information
Species Unknown
Age 5
Occupation(s) Factory Worker
Alias A little girl
Voice Actor Vyvan Pham
First Appearance Simple

Probity is a character which appeared in Simple.


She has blue skin, black hair, and wears a blue dress.


Probity sent a message to ask Ben to come and stop a war between the Red Army and the Blue Army on her planet. When Ben got the leaders together to form a truce, Ben put out his right hand for an agreeing handshake causing both army leaders to go back to war. Probity told Ben that her kind handshake with the left hand only and that he ruined everything.

Probity pet

Her pet

Gwen went after her and caught up just as Way Big appeared on the battlefield. When Way Big stated he wanted the war to stop so that there could be peace and a school for children, this brought a tear to Probity's eye. Unfortunately, Way Big accidentally knocked down the statue of a famous leader causing both armies to attack him simultaneously, forcing him, Gwen, and Kevin to flee the planet. Probity later recorded a message to Ben saying that now she had no home, had to work double time to pay for school, and hated him even more than war. After recording the message, she found Kevin's tossed treasure which made her happy.


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