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Pretty Boy Vreedle

Pretty Boy Vreedles

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General Information
Species Vreedle
Residence Undertown, Earth
Age Less than a year
Affiliations Ma Vreedle
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Space Survivability
Enhanced Strength (some)
Equipment Lollipop
Relatives Ma Vreedle (mother)
Pa Vreedle (father)
Octagon Vreedle (older brother)
Rhomboid Vreedle (older brother)
Parallelogram Vreedle (older brother)
Isosceles Right Triangle Vreedle (older sister)
Dodecahedron Vreedle (brother)
Voice Actor Diane Delano
Eric Bauza (Vreedlemania)
First Appearance The Mother of All Vreedles

Pretty Boy Vreedle are the perfect sons for Ma Vreedle.


In Ultimate Alien, they have blond hair, wear white shirts, purple round hats, purple jackets, purple shorts and black shoes.

In Omniverse, they now have different hair syle, black shirts with big yellow ribbon on it, red round hats and red pants. They have orange lollipops. Some of them grew large in size.


Ultimate Alien

Pretty Boy is favored over his two older brothers, Octagon and Rhomboid. Ma Vreedle came to Earth to drain it dry of salt water and make 300 billion Pretty Boy clones and she successfully cloned him over a dozen times before Octagon and Rhomboid betrayed and arrested her. The Pretty Boy clones were taken to an alien orphanage by Magister Patelliday.


The clones were seen again much later, back in Ma Vreedle's care. A number of them had reached maturity, becoming hulking brutes.

In No Honor Among Bros, a pretty boy was defeated by the Piscciss Volann Prisoner at the Golden Fist Tournament.


Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Ben 10: Omniverse

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