Pluto was a dwarf planet of Earth's solar system. Its orbit was tilted instead of level like the other planets orbiting the Sun and was orbited by 5 small moons.


Main Timeline

In "X = Ben + 2", Pluto was destroyed by the Incursean Conquest Ray as an example of what might happen to Earth if Attea wasn't returned to Milleous in time.

Cosmic Destruction Timeline

In Cosmic Destruction, Pluto was mentioned as having long since been destroyed.


  • Matt Wayne hinted that Pluto probably will appear again in some point of the series.[1]
  • Bellicus showed disdain of Pluto, considering it to be a dwarf planet, while Serena said she wanted it to be a planet instead of a dwarf planet.
  • The second Ben 10,000 took his nickname after the second Plutonian revolt of 2022, which means that his version of Pluto was not destroyed.



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