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The Plumbers' Academy
Plumbers Academy
General Information
User Various Plumbers
Type Place of Learning
Space Station
First Appearance The Enemy of My Enemy

The Plumbers' Academy is an academy for the Plumbers. It was first mentioned in the Ben 10: Alien Force episode Above and Beyond when Helen, Alan Albright, Manny and Pierce were going to become "real" Plumbers.


The Plumbers Academy uses hi-tech and alien technology inside the academy. A captain of one branch of the Academy is Magister Coronach, and the many other instructors in this and other branches, like the Galvan teacher and Magister Hulka, work there.


Ultimate Alien

It made an appearance in The Enemy of My Enemy. It was used as a place to protect Argit from Ultimate Kevin, however the captain of the academy wasn't happy of putting rookies in the line of fire since they are not ready to deal with that kind of ordeal and though of it as turning the academy into a war zone.

It appeared again in Revenge of the Swarm, when the trio went to find Elena Validus for help.

It is shown in Basic Training that the academy has many branches as the Plumbers' Academy featured in this episode was on orbiting another star system and had Magister Hulka working there.


It was also revealed in So Long, and Thanks for All the Smoothies that the Vreedle Brothers accidentally destroyed the academy.


Ben 10: Ultimate Alien


  • Rook mentioned that there is a chapter and a half on Ben that has to be studied in the Plumber Academy.

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