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Piscciss Volanns are an amphibious species from the planet Piscciss.


  • Ripjaws in the Original Series
  • Ripjaws in Ultimate Alien
  • Ripjaws in Omniverse
  • Magister Patelliday
  • Magister Pyke
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Piscciss Volanns have multiple gills and an antenna on their head for deep sea diving. When young, their teeth are external, but they become internal as they get older. Their bodies are covered in protective scales with claws on their appendages.

As a Piscciss Volann grows older, the need for water will decrease, making them amphibious.


Piscciss Volanns are not picky eaters due to their steel bending jaws.

Powers and Abilities

Piscciss Volanns are incredible swimmers who are amazingly fast and agile in the water.

A Piscciss Volann's huge mouth is filled with rows of razor-sharp teeth that can bite through almost anything.

Their lower jaw unhinges, enabling Piscciss Volanns to hold large objects in their mouths.

Piscciss Volanns use their claw-tipped fins to fight in a unique "zero gravity" style that makes them masters of aquatic combat.

As Piscciss Volanns have gills, they are able to breath underwater.

Piscciss Volanns can easily withstand crushing pressure underwater.

The tips of their antennae can emit a bright light, enabling them to see in dark areas.


A Piscciss Volann's greatest weakness is that they cannot stay on land for too long. If a Piscciss Volann wants to stay on land, they would require water to keep them from dehydrating. If they don't have water while on land, they could die.

In Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix, a Piscciss Volann was seen wearing a unique device around its neck that supplied water for its gills, allowing it to walk on dry land without dehydrating.

Though Piscciss Volanns are able to walk on land, they are not nearly as able-bodied on land as they are underwater.

The predator of Piscciss Volann is Captain Kork's species. However, that species is not native on Piscciss.[1]

Notable Piscciss Volanns

Notable Piscciss Volann Hybrids


  • A Piscciss Volann's luminescent lure resembles that of Melanocetus johnsonii, a real species of deep-sea anglerfish.
  • When asked how the Piscciss Volann from Double or Nothing was surviving without water, Matt said there are things that allow them to survive without water for longer periods of time, like oxygen pills.


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