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Petropia Back-up Crystal

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Petropia Back-up crystal
Tetrax Story4
General Information
User Sugilite
Vilgax (formerly)
Diamondhead (formerly)
Type Backup Drive for Petropia and its people
First Appearance Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix

The Petropia Back-up crystal is a sacred artifact for the people of Petropia and it is well known for its nearly limitless power.

At first it was thought that it was simply an energy source. It was later discovered to be a genetic back-up of every Petrosapien, along with Petropia itself. The Guardian of Petropia used its immense power to restore Petropia and her people.



Since the beginning of time, the DNA of the Petrosapien people and their memories and all who lived there has been stored in the crystals molecular lattice. It can only be used properly when a rare alignment of stars occurs, and only by a Crystalsapien or Petrosapien who is attuned to the crystal.

It was stolen by Tetrax and given to Vilgax, who used it to destroy Petropia when they wouldn't surrender to him. But at the time neither Tetrax nor Vilgax knew about the true purpose of the crystal.

Ben 10: Alien Force

TSoC (214)

Secret of the Sacred Crystal

Prior to The Secret of Chromastone, Tetrax learned, while exploring the ruins of Petropia, what the true nature of the crystal was. He then stole it back from Vilgax and gave it to Sugilite. It was used to restore Petropia and his people by Chromastone and Ben (as Diamondhead), respectively. It was returned to its home and given to its original guardian when he was revived, where it will be protected.


  • It is known to be the Petrosapiens' most sacred crystal.

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