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General Information
User Charmcaster and Gwen Tennyson
Type Construct
First Appearance Where the Magic Happens
Gwen and charmcaster attack

Charmcaster reciting the spell

Perturbo is a spell only capable with the combined magic of Charmcaster and Gwen, when crossing a mystic sink hole. It creates a clawed mana bridge and the claw attaches itself to the sides of the pit it crosses and is the only spell bridge powerful enough to cross a mystic sink hole, with weaker bridges breaking and falling into the pit before they even cross, appearing to hit an invisible barrier.


User When used
Gwen/Charmcaster In Where the Magic Happens, Gwen and Charmcaster used Perturbo to make a mana bridge get themselves, Ben and Kevin across a sink hole in Ledgerdomain.

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