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Perplexahedron Guards

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Perplexahedron Guard
Perplexahedron Guard1
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Energy Blasts
Wall Mimicry
First Appearance Perplexahedron

The Perplexahedron Guards first appeared in Perplexahedron.


Perplexahedron Guard3

Gwen battling a Guard

Perplexahedron Guards are large white humanoid robots with no facial features except for two dents that are in the shape of eyes. They have a white body. They resemble the body of a large male and appear to be quite well built.


In Perplexahedron, several Perplexahedron Guards are defeated by Ben, Gwen and Kevin but confirmed to only show up when getting closer to the Map of Infinity piece and are meant to eliminate anyone who gets close to it.

Powers and Abilities

Perplexahedron Guard2

Kevin battling a Perplexahedron Guard

Perplexahedron Guards are shown to have enhanced strength and shooting energy beams out of their hands.


Perplexahedron Guards are not very durable, being easily ripped apart by Humungousaur and Gwen's spells.

If stabbed, Perplexahedron Guards will melt.

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