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Perfect Day

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Perfect Day
Ben and girls
General Information
Original broadcast July 14, 2007
Series Ben 10
Season 4
Episode number 40
Overall episode number 40
Written by Michael Jelenic
Directed by Scooter Tidwell
Episode Guide
Previous episode The Visitor
Next episode Divided We Stand

Perfect Day is the fortieth episode of Ben 10 and the first episode of the fourth season.


Ben seems to be having a perfect day: a bus full of cheerleaders breaks down in front of him, unreleased games fall off a truck and Grandpa Max makes food Ben considers edible, to which unleashes an explosive belch, rumbling the ground, right in front of Gwen.

However, when another Gwen and Grandpa Max show up, they claim that the other Grandpa Max and Gwen are impostors planted by Enoch. Then Lieutenant Steel appears and claims that the two aren't really Ben's relatives and they are Limax sent by "Vilgax". Vilgax appears trying to trap Ben in the Null Void using a projector. Ben defeats "Vilgax" and aims the projector at Gwen and Grandpa Max (still not believing the two).

Gwen tells Ben that if real "Vilgax" came, he would try to steal the Omnitrix first. Ben's convinced that Grandpa Max and Gwen were telling the truth so he discovers that Enoch and the Forever Knights have trapped him in a dream world while they attempt to remove the Omnitrix from his wrist. Everything that happens to him during his dream was warped to make it better: the bus of cheerleaders saw him wearing his blue-and-red sumo-slammer boxers for example.

It was turned into a scene where the cheerleaders adore Ben (as Diamondhead). Revealed, Enoch (removing his of Lieutenant Steel disguise) turns the dream into a nightmare... Ben's school!

He got chased around by monster versions of his nemesis such as Kevin 11, Cash and J.T. Ben figures out that his dreams are to his mind's command. After managing to take control of the dream and escape, Ben traps Enoch in his own dream world. After leaving, another Forever Knight, "The Forever King", decides to leave Enoch to his fate because of one too many failures and decides to finish off the Tennysons himself.

Major Events

Ultra Ben

Ultra Ben returns



Real World Characters

Dream Characters

Real World Villains

Dream Villains

Dream Aliens Used

Real World Aliens Used



Diamondhead: Kai?
Gwen: Didn't she break your heart after we beat that werewolf in the desert?
Diamondhead: Yeah, thanks for reminding me.

Quotes Right


Ben: Let's see how tough they are picking on Heatblast. (activates Omnitrix; transforms into Grey Matter)
Gwen: Ugh, even in your dreams, you are such a dweeb.

Quotes Right


Ben: It's Kevin!
Gwen: That is one tough hall monitor.
Ben: (looks at the Omnitrix) Good thing I have my all-access pass right here!

Quotes Right


Ben: All I need to do is wake up, right? So, hit me.
(Gwen stomps on Ben's foot)
Ben: Ow! Didn't work!
Gwen: Yeah, Grandpa said that it wouldn't, but you asked for it.

Quotes Right

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Hungarian Tökéletes nap Perfect Day
Portuguese (BR) Dia Perfeito Perfect Day
Spanish (HA) Un Día Perfecto A Perfect Day
Spanish (Spain) El Día Perfecto The Perfect Day

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