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Peptos XI was the former home planet of the Gourmands.


From space, Peptos XI was a pink planet, with different shades of pink in different areas.


Peptos XI was once one of the most vibrant planets in the entire universe. Its rich crops, abundant wildlife and diverse spice trade made it the best fed world in the sector. However, when the Gourmands made Peptos XI their home, Peptos XI became a world of dust and gravel.


Peptos XI was the 11th planet in the Peptos system, and due to the Gourmands' unnatural eating habits, the 11th home planet of their species.

In Tummy Trouble, Peptos XI was eaten by the Gourmands when Queen Voratia Rumbletum issued Plan Omega. Knowing the Incurseans can't take their planet when there is nothing to take, the Gourmands devoured it and left for a new home on one of the other 63 planets in the Peptos System.[1]

Notable Inhabitants

Notable Visitors


The name Peptos XI comes from the word peptones which forms after digestion of proteins.


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