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Pattersonea is the homeworld of the Gimlinopithecus.


Pattersonea orbits a massive Class B blue white star, and is constantly bombarded by the stellar wind. The stellar wind compresses the planet's relatively weak magnetic field almost completely on the "day" side, leaving the surface exposed to lethal radiation.

Fortunately for the inhabitants, Pattersonea rotates very slowly, so that by adopting a nomadic lifestyle, they can remain in the habitable zone between the high radiation and the freezing temperatures of the dark side.

The long night is illuminated by shifting auroras from the stellar wind.

Notable Inhabitants


The name shares a similar reference to the Gimlinopitecus which comes from the Patterson-Gimlin film.


  • According to Matt Wayne, Pattersonea is like "Ontario, without Toronto".[1]
  • According to Derrick J. Wyatt, Pattersonea has a large maple syrup industry.[2]


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