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Paradox's Time Machine

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Paradox's Time Machine
General Information
User Professor Paradox
The Military
Type Time Travel
First Appearance Paradox

Paradox's Time Machine is a ring of Quartz Crystal resembling a Teleporter Pod.


It is first seen in Paradox when Professor Paradox was experimenting in his lab when his assistant Hugo drew back and hit the controls, causing the machine to become a vacuum, pulling Paradox inside of it and hurling him into the event horizon of a virtual wormhole. Hugo also is sucked in (and these effects turned him into a time-creature that aged everything it touched) but after meeting Paradox, Ben saves him. Hugo eventually meets Paradox, and the two continue to explore time and space. It is similar to Dexters time machine in Fusionfall.

In War of the Worlds, it is revealed that the Highbreed were creating a giant Hyperspace Tunnel out of the Quartz Supply, building an Arch-Shaped structure. Even as Way Big, Ben cannot destroy it. Transmissions and DNA fields can be warped through the Arch.

In Ultimate Aggregor, Aggregor uses an Entropy Pump as the power source for his time machine in order to absorb the powers of the five aliens he kidnapped.


  • On a interesting note in all but one of The Machine's appearances it is destroyed only to appear later completely intact, no explanation has been given for this.

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