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Panuncians are a predatory species from the planet Hathor.


Panuncians look like a mix of a sabretooth cat and a hyena, with large saber-teeth and a horn on their dog-like noses. Their stomach hair is a crimson red, while their back hair is black.


Panuncians prey on Splixsons.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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Self Duplication

Like Splixsons, Panuncians can multiply themselves.

Panuncians have high agility and speed, able to keep up with fleeing Splixsons.

Panuncians have sharp claws and teeth.


Though they are able to counter a Splixons' duplication powers with their own cloning technique, it has been shown in A Fistful of Brains that they can be outmaneuvered and outsmarted.

Being a feline-esque alien, the Panuncian is afraid of aliens resembling canines such as Zed

A more unusual counter to stun Panuncians is to force a huge amount of water down its throat, bloating it, such as in For a Few Brains More.

Notable PanunciansEdit

Evolved PanuncianEdit


For the most part, evolved Panuncians resemble normal Panuncians, save for the fur being a crimson red, with their head now having plating with a larger horn where their original was with two smaller horns behind it and on the sides and larger fangs. Patches of fur appear to be missing, exposing peach colored skin. Spikes grow from their shoulders and back. The spikes and head plating look similar to Crabdozer's armor.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Evolved Panuncians have sharp teeth and great strength with their claws and tail, yet it is unknown if they retain a regular Panuncian's self-duplication abilities.


Like Panuncians, evolved Panuncians can be immobilized by forcing a large amount of water down their throat.

Notable Evolved PanunciansEdit


  • According to Khyber, Panuncians are very rare.
  • Panuncians resemble Smilodons, the best known saber-toothed cat that lived in North America during the Pleistocene epoch (2.5 mya (million years ago) –10,000 years ago).
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