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General Information
Species Unknown
Residence Undertown, Earth
Occupation(s) Entrepreneur (self-employed)
Relatives Unnamed wife
487 unnamed children
Alias Little Guy (Heatblast)
Mr. Pakmar (Max and Rook)
Alternate Counterparts Mad Pakmar
Voice Actor Tara Strong
First Appearance The More Things Change: Part 1

Pakmar is a recurring character in Ben 10: Omniverse.


Pakmar is a little green alien with warts on his face. His eyes are on the side of his face similar to birds. Pakmar wears a small black suit with silver armor.


From what little is seen of Pakmar's personality, he is the type to hold a grudge, particularly against Ben whom he holds responsible for the destruction of his many businesses, even spitting in Ben's direction. Despite this he will never turn down a customer, especially a "good" customer, even when that customer is Ben. He always speaks in third person.

Ben's constant, albeit accidental destruction of his businesses, has left Pakmar with extreme paranoia whenever he sees Ben, fearing that he might destroy one of his new businesses again. In his cameo in Rules of Engagement, just seeing Rook's truck made him run away.


  • Toilet Emporium
  • Pet Store
  • Fire Teas
  • Barbecue Truck
  • Loofah Emporium
  • Yarn Shop
  • Lamp Store
  • Juice Bar
  • A toilet emporium for both humans and aliens in Bellwood before The More Things Change: Part 1.
  • A pet store in Undertown, shown in Of Predators and Prey: Part 1. Pakmar helped Ben to find Khyber's whistle by trying out several alien dog whistles as Wildmutt.
    • Destroyed during Ben's battle with Khyber and Zed.
  • A china shop in Undertown shown in Ben Again. Ben (his 11-year-old self in his 16-year old self's body), Gwen, and Rook visit this place where Ben (his 16-year-old self in his 11-year-old body) left clues for Young Ben to follow.
    • After destroying his basement as Armodrillo, Young Ben accidentally opens a sewer pipe and causes the entire store to flood, once again ruining Pakmar's business.
    • It appeared again in Special Delivery when Ben was delivering a package to Pakmar he accidentally knocked over and smashed several vases.
  • A barbecue truck that is shown in Showdown: Part 1.
    • Ben and Rook thought it was on fire and tried to stop it. Ben turns into Heatblast and lands on the truck, but Pakmar screams to him that it's only barbecue. Heatblast tries to tell Rook, but he already shoots at one of the truck's tires and causes Heatblast and Pakmar to fall into a lake. Heatblast manages to rescue Pakmar, but he is greatly upset. He is seen again telling Humungousaur to put down his truck. As Humungousaur was about to put the truck down, he and Rook are suddenly teleported out of Undertown taking most of the truck with them, leaving Pakmar very angry.
    • Showdown: Part 2 shows him coming to Plumbers' headquarters, arguing with Max over Ben's repeated destruction of his businesses and demanding an apology.
  • A sponge shop in Bengeance Is Mine.
  • A yarn shop in Catfight.
    • This shop was destroyed by Rath, who was riding on a big ball of yarn when he was being controlled by Nyancy Chan.
  • A lamp store in Collect This.
    • This shop was destroyed by Kickin Hawk, who was playing soccer.
  • A juice bar in The Vengers.


Ben 10: Omniverse

Video Games


Pakmar's name is very similar to the videogame "Pac-Man".


  • A running gag in the series is that in most of his appearances, Pakmar's current place of business gets destroyed either directly or indirectly by Ben. This has lead Pakmar to develop a hatred for Ben and panics whenever he sees the hero.
    • This is very similar to the Cabbage Merchant from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • Much like Mr. Baumann, Pakmar's business or property gets accidentally trashed by Ben.
    • According to Derrick J. Wyatt, Mr. Baumann actually likes Ben deep down, unlike him.

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