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The characters and/or events in the storyline depicted in this article have been removed from the main continuity.

Osmos is a sun with at least five planets orbiting it, Osmos V is the fifth and only confirmed planet in this solar system. Osmosians are the only known species living in this solar system.

Osmos was confirmed to exist by Dwayne, also saying Osmos V is the fifth planet from Osmos. In Omniverse, it is revealed that Osmos in reality never existed.

Known Planets In This Solar System


The name Osmos comes from the word "osmosis," the process by which a solvent (e.g. water) diffuses from an area of a high concentration through a semi-permeable membrane into an area of low concentration. It is also the process by which cells absorb water and nutrients. This is a reference to Osmosians and their powers.

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