For the separate articles, see Reboot Omnitrix, First Omnitrix, Second Omnitrix and Replica Omnitrix.

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  • Your Omnitrix Aliens

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    • Senario 1:  1.Four Arms 2.XLR8 3.Upgrade 4Heatblast 5.Upchuck 6.Jetray 7.Rath 8.Chamalien 9.Jury Rigg 10.Atomix Senario 2: don...
    • Senario 1: 1. Upgrade 2. XLR8 3. Way Big 4. Four Arms 5. Wildvine 6. Grey Matter 7. Upchuck 8. Water Hazard 9. Heatblast 10. Ghostfreak
  • what is the omnitrix made of

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    • trought the entire ben 10 series the omnitrix symbole on the alien has been crumpled streched out (etc). wich hints that the omnitrix is made ...
    • I always thought that it would be made out of metal and plastic, but as you mentioned it could be made out of some advanced material, someth...