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  • New Command Code

    13 messages
    • frenzy mode:ben loses control of his aliens and they DESTROY and will do anything to do it frenzy mode code 11 priority: alpha (easy) b...
    • i wouldn't include that as a function. that's way over the line of the writers. lets keep the discussion reasonable.
  • If you had an Omnitrix, who would you want as your aliens?

    36 messages
    • 1-XLR8  2-Big Chill 3-AmpFibian 4-Upgrade 5-Spidermonkey 6-Way Big 7-Swampfire 8-Chromastone 9-Heatblast 10-Rath
    • 1. Heatblast (duh) 2. Four Arms 3. Feedback 4. Upgrade (possibly) 5. Grey Matter 6. Rath 7. Wildmutt 8. Eye Guy 9. Way Big 10. XLR8