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Omni-Tricked: Part 3 is the thirty-ninth episode of Ben 10.


Ben heads far into the forest to prevent his unpredictable transformations from causing damage. Meanwhile, Vilgax, who seems to be the same species as Gax, lands nearby. The latter helps Ben discover his powers, but he quickly realizes that this new friend is in fact an opponent.

Major Events

  • Ben breaks his Omnitrix even further.
  • Vil makes his debut, before removing Gax from the Omnitrix and becoming Vilgax.
  • Sixsix, Tetrax, and Kraab are revealed to actually be good guys.



Aliens Used



Diamondhead: Stay calm Ben. There's no level of disaster you can't master.

Quotes Right


  • This is the first episode of the reboot to use all of Ben's aliens.
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