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The Omni-Enhanced forms are forms that aliens can be acquired using the Upgraded Omnitrix. This feature was unlocked after Upgrade was sacrificed to upgrade the Omnitrix in Omni-Tricked: Part 4.

Concept and Activation


Wildvine being consumed by blue energy

When Ben transforms into an alien, he will be consumed by blue energy and rocks which will form the enhancements.These enhancements will either give the alien new powers or boost its pre-existing ones. The feature activates randomly when Ben first transforms into an alien.

Some upgrades get rid of old powers, such as Stinkfly's goo and stinky gas or Grey Matter's small size.

Omni-Enhanced Aliens


  • Omni-Enhanced forms are similar to Ultimate Forms, both being upgrades to the original aliens that can be undone.
  • The concept of glowing blue energy weapons are similar to the Omega-1 Nanite builds from Generator Rex.
  • For marketing purposes, Shock Rock is considered an honorary Omni-Enhanced alien.
  • For obvious reasons, Upgrade and Gax are the only aliens not to get an Omni-Enhanced form.