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Oliver Thompson

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Oliver Thompson
Oliver Real
General Information
Species Human
Affiliations Will Harangue (formerly)
Cash and J.T. (formerly)
Occupation(s) Inventor
Free lance reporter
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Inventing and Intelligence
Alias Pinhead (Will Harangue)
Camera man
Voice Actor Peter MacNicol
First Appearance Video Games

Oliver Thompson is a character in the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien series and invents weapons for Will Harangue so he can destroy Ben Tennyson (and get it on camera). He also was the cameraman for Cash and J.T..

Ultimate Alien

Oliver was the person that recorded Ben's aliens in a motion scan for a supposed video game which was actually for a data of robot named The Stalker. He is also presumed to be the creator of The Stalker and it is unknown if his real name is actually Oliver. In the beginning of the episode Video Games, Oliver wore a white suit with a purple shirt and had a gold chain around his neck, wearing a black wig and fake goatee with a Mexican accent.

He reappeared in Reflected Glory not working for Will Harangue after he fired him for his failed robot but working with Cash and J.T. He is also wearing a regular outfit instead of a lab coat a technician would wear. He was there working on making them famous by video taping them as they pretend to be Ben's leaders. They admitted the truth to their viewers when Psyphon was going to destroy them when he thought that what they said was true so he would not destroy them. When Cash and J.T. used an alien energy decoupler to defeat Psyphon before he could destroy Ben, Oliver's camera's power ran out and the viewers could not witness their heroic action. After the real heroes left, Oliver quits his job with the boys telling them that the "show's over."

He seemed to never really hate Ben Tennyson nor is he a villain. It is likely he was never a villain to begin with. He was only doing his job.


Ben 10: Ultimate Alien


  • He is voiced by Peter MacNicol who is best known for playing David Langley in Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie, Sidney Poindexter from Danny Phantom and Tom Lennox on 24.
  • Even though he never revealed himself to Ben, Gwen or Kevin without his wig and beard in Video Games, they knew who he was in Reflected Glory and that he worked for Harangue.

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