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Ole cover

Ole! is the first comic published in Action Pack 2.[1]


Ben, Gwen and Max are on a trip to Mexico to see some bull fighting, which Ben disapproves of, since he does not know Spanish.

Meanwhile, in a lab, Señor Chaos is doing his final touches to a Metal Bull, which is controlled by a remote. He does this so that he can become the greatest bull fighter ever seen.

Ben, Gwen and Max soon reach the arena, where Max reads a phamplet about bull fighting. Señor Chaos makes an entrance and starts the fight. But things take a wrong turn when Señor Chaos presses a button on the remote. The Bull gets out of control and starts smashing apart the arena. Ben turns into Grey Matter to deal with the threat and jumps on the Bull's head, to attack its pressure points (no one knows that the Bull is a mechanical one). Things go out of control when Ben loses his grip and falls on a pile of wooden planks.

Ben turns back to normal, but the Bull is now attacking the people. Ben turns into Four Arms and headbutts the Bull with such force that the Bull smashes apart, revealing that it is a mechanical bull. Finally, Señor Chaos gets arrested for his crimes.



  • Señor Chaos
  • Metal Bull

Aliens Used


  • Grey Matter and Four Arms' Omnitrix symbols were green.