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Null Void
Ben 10 omniverse null void dimension
General Information
Species Null Guardians
Havok Beast
Wigsilian Org Beast
First Appearance Truth

The Null Void is an alternate dimension discovered by the Galvan and turn into a penal colony. It is filled with what look like never-ending floating rocks. Null Guardians are the guards of this prison dimension.[1]

The Null Void is normally accessed by a Null Void Projector. Max is known to have a Null Void Projector. He and his former partner, Phil, have owned one and trapped thousands of aliens in it while in their Plumber years. If a projector is broken and someone tries to use it, it self destructs immediately, similarity to a hand grenade, but with far greater force; everything within a half mile radius, as referenced in Max Out. It is possible to release aliens within the realm.

  • Null Void in FusionFall
  • Null Void in Heroes United
  • Null Void in Alien Force/ Ultimate Alien

Later in Alien Force, it is discovered that settlers live in the Null Void as well the descendants of criminals who made a living there for years.

In Alien Force, D'Void seized control over the Null Void and attempted to break through into the main dimension by means of a Kormite powered-drill, but was defeated by Ben, Max, Helen, Pierce, Manny and some other aliens.

There are naturally occurring "soft spots" in the multiverse that lead into the Null Void. But they don't usually lead back out. [2]


In the game, players begin at the Null Void for Basic Training. There is a Plumber training camp there along with Ben and the Rust Bucket III.

The Null Void background in the character selecter is a glitch for when a player moves up a level to the Zoo or Mt. Neverest it would stay like that until the players move to Sector V, after training.

Notable Inhabitants

Non-native species

Notable Prisoners


  • The Null Void seemed to be a horrifying place, for example:
    • Kevin was scared and horrified of going there.
    • Ben claiming that being in the Null Void is much worse than being in prison.
    • Argit hesitating to go there.
    • Vilgax had an eye twitch by just mentioning it, calling it accursed.
Null Void Prison

An escape from the Null Void Prisons

  • The Null Void is similar to the Phantom Zone, an intergalactic prison in the DC Comics universe that keeps dangerous criminals, such as General Zod.
  • The Null Void is purple in the original series but red in Alien Force.
    • In Omniverse, the Null Void's appearance is a mix of the Original Series' and Alien Force's.
  • The Null Void is a setting in Ben 10: Galactic Racing.
  • The Null Void is similar to the Negative Zone from the Marvel Comics. An alternate dimension where Prison 42 holds all super villains. Like the Null Void, if the villains could escape the facility there would be no where else to run to.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Spanish (Latin America) Proyector
(formerly in Ben 10: Alien Force and ...Nor Iron Bars a Cage )
From Proyector, Projector (refering to "projector's dimension")
(currently, since Ben 10: Ultimate AlienBasic Training )
From Vacío, Void
Zona Nula
(since The Rooters of All Evil, mentioned by Servantis and Kevin)
From Zona Nula, Null Zone
Null Void
(since Weapon XI: Part 1, mentioned by Swift)
From original name
German Sicherheitszelle From Sicherheit, safety and Zelle, cell
Portuguese Nulificador From Nulificador, Nullifier
French Vide absolu From "vide" void and "absolu" absolute

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