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Null Guardians

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Null Guardians
Null Guardians UA
General Information
Home World Null Void
Body Bat-like
Powers and abilities
Abilities Flight
Sharp Teeth
Energy Blasts
First Appearance Truth

The Null Guardians are an artificial species, native to the Null Void.


Heatblast and Null Guardians 001

Heatblast and Null Guardians

Null Guardians look somewhat like Vulpimancers, but with tentacles hanging from the undersides instead of legs and have wings. Null Guardians are grey in color.


Null Guardians can be used as steeds and can be easily tamed, as shown by Vilgax and Kevin 11 in Back with a Vengeance and Dr. Animo in Voided.

Powers and Abilities

Null Guardians are capable of using their tentacles as limbs.

Using their wings, Null Guardians can fly.

Null Guardians are capable of firing red energy blasts from their mouths.


The Galvan created the Null Void as a prison for their criminals, and created the Null Guardians to protect alien colonists from violent criminals, in a way the Null Guardians could be considered the prison guards or "guardian angels" of the Null Void.


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  • Null Guardians are one of three species created by the Galvans, the others being Galvanic Mechamorph and Voliticus Biopsis. This technically makes them related.
  • The pop-up version of Back with a Vengeance revealed that the Null Guardians were named "Nullvoiders" and that they were the only indigenous lifeforms in the Null Void, but this has been retconned.

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