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Nemetrix day
General Information
Creator Dr. Psychobos
User Khyber
Zed (formerly)
Phil (formerly)
Khyber's Panuncian (formerly)
Type DNA Alterer
First Appearance The More Things Change: Part 1

The Nemetrix is a knock-off version of the original Omnitrix that Khyber uses to turn the user into predatory species of the Omnitrix aliens.


  • Terroranchula's silhouette
  • Buglizard's silhouette
  • Slamworm's silhouette
  • Mucilator's silhouette
  • Crabdozer's silhouette
The Nemetrix is shaped like a hexagon. It is colored red and silver. The symbol looks like an open mouth with sharp teeth.


Like the Omnitrix, the Nemetrix has the ability to transform the user, but instead of sapient beings, it transforms the user into non-sapient beings that are actually the natural predators of Omnitrix aliens. Previously, the user transformed with the instructions given by Khyber via his whistles. In Outbreak, however, Dr. Psychobos fitted the Nemetrix with the stolen Omnitrix stabilizer core, allowing the user (who, at the time, was Zed) to transform on their own, as first displayed in Malefactor.

Albedo, during his partnership with Khyber, gave the Nemetrix the ability to evolve its aliens into their Ultimate forms.


Ben 10: Omniverse

A Cerebrocrustacean named Dr. Psychobos, and a Galvanic Mechamorph named Malware, invented the Nemetrix for Khyber using corrupted, incomplete but crucial schematics from the Prototype Omnitrix in order to retrieve Ben's Omnitrix, and use its parts/schematics to perfect the Nemetrix.

Its purpose was to destroy Azmuth, and with the Nemetrix now perfected with a stolen piece from the Omnitrix's core that Dr. Psychobos stole from Ben, the Omnitrix is no longer needed.

Albedo, in his alliance with Khyber, made some modifications. One of them is an evolutionary feature, similar to the Ultimatrix.

Known Aliens

See: Nemetrix's Species' DNA

All Nemetrix predators (minus Panuncian).

Alien Species When and how it was Unlocked
Crabdozer Crabdozer Crabdozer's DNA was obtained by scanning a wild Crabdozer prior to The More Things Change: Part 1.
Buglizard Buglizard Buglizard's DNA was obtained by scanning a wild Buglizard prior to The More Things Change: Part 2.
Slamworm Unknown Slamworm's DNA was obtained by scanning a wild Slamworm prior to It Was Them.
Mucilator Unknown Mucilator was unlocked prior to It Was Them.
Terroranchula Terroranchula Terroranchula was unlocked five years prior to Omniverse.
Tyrannopede Unknown Tyrannopede was unlocked prior to Of Predators And Prey: Part 2.
Hypnotick Psycholeopterran Hypnotick's DNA was obtained by scanning the smuggled Psycholeopterran five years prior to Omniverse.
Omnivoracious Omnivoracious Omnivoracious's DNA was obtained by scanning a Omnivoracious skeleton in Showdown: Part 1.
Vicetopus Vicetopus Vicetopus was unlocked prior to Showdown: Part 1.
Panuncian Panuncian Panuncian's DNA was obtained by scanning Khyber's Panuncian.

Known Ultimate Forms

Normal Form Ultimate Form
Khyber's Panuncian Ultimate Panuncian


  • The Nemetrix's name comes from the word "nemesis", which is another word for villain or foe.
    • The Nemetrix was originally named the Predatrix.
  • According to Derrick J. Wyatt:
    • Khyber has had the Nemetrix for about five years.[1]
    • Only a non-sapient being can wield the Nemetrix properly.
      • Though Phil (being sentient) could use it but with dangerous side effects as said by Khyber, sapient lifeforms can not handle the savage feral nature of the Nemetrix aliens.
    • There will be toys of the Nemetrix aliens.[2]
    • The Nemetrix aliens are feral beasts while Ben's aliens are roughly the equivalent of humans or more "advanced" beings.[3]
  • According to Matt Wayne, the Nemetrix technology level is a hard 19 or soft 20.[4]
  • According to Azmuth in Showdown: Part 1, the Nemetrix is "not bad for a cheap knock off."
  • According to Khyber in A Fistful of Brains, there are only 10 aliens in the Nemetrix (Crabdozer, Buglizard, Slamworm, Mucilator, Terroranchula, Tyrannopede, Hypnotick, Omnivoracious, Vicetopus, and Panuncian).
  • As shown in It Was Them, the Nemetrix can time out.
  • The Nemetrix aliens are not considered sapient, which is why they are not in the Omnitrix.[5]
  • When a transformation is made through the Nemetrix, the sound effect is similar to the original Omnitrix. Most likely because the partial design to make it was the Omnitrix.
  • Similar to the Omnitrix symbol being seen on every one of Ben's transformations, the user's collar with the Nemetrix on it is worn by every Nemetrix alien.


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