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The characters and/or events depicted in this article are non-canon to the main series' continuity.
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General Information
Comic Cartoon Network Action Pack
Series Ben 10
Issue Nº 14
Publisher DC
Cartoon Network
Writer Sholly Fisch
Tom Warburton
Ernest Mayes
Artist Ethen Beavers
Kim Aanot
Todd Nauck
Christopher Jones
Pgs. Unknown
Price $1.80
ISBN Unknown

Nemesis is a comic book based on the original series.


There's a new criminal in Bellwood, named Nemesis. Ben thought that he seemed like your average criminal, when he was about to stop him from a bank robbery, but this thug is more than meets the eye. He has a suit, built to counteract all of Ben's transformations. Ben first uses XLR8 to stop him, but Nemesis generates a freeze ray to freeze the ground beneath XLR8, causing him to lose balance. Nemesis then gets away into a dark alley, where Ben transforms into Four Arms.


Aliens Used

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