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Nemesis is a comic book based on the original series.


There's a new criminal in Bellwood, named Nemesis. Ben thought that he seemed like your average criminal, when he was about to stop him from a bank robbery, but this thug is more than meets the eye. He has a suit, built to counteract all of Ben's transformations. Ben first uses XLR8 to stop him, but Nemesis generates a freeze ray to freeze the ground beneath XLR8, causing him to lose balance. Nemesis then gets away into a dark alley, where Ben transforms into Four Arms.



  • The Challenger

Aliens Used


  • XLR8's Omnitrix silhouette was green instead of black.
  • The area underneath XLR8's lips were white.
  • When Ben was about to turn into Four Arms, one part of the Omnitrix was colored white.
  • The Omnitrix's emblem was the wrong way round in two panels.
  • The stripe underneath Four Arms' lips was grey in one panel.
  • When Four Arms was about to time out, his Omnitrix symbol was green.
  • Four Arms' T-shirt was missing in one panel.
  • When Ben headbutted the Challenger, the Omnitrix looked different.