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Napoleon is an Alpha mutant created by Dr. Animo. He first appeared in Animo Farm.


Naploleon is a big mutant pig with two heads. One of them is in his right arm and the other is above the torso like normal. The head he talks with mostly is the head on his arm. The head above the torso repeats some words that the head on his arm says, but in a deeper voice. He is pink and hairy and has yellow eyes. He wears a blue ribbon on his neck because he's the strongest mutant of all the Alphas. He wears black shorts and has black hooves. His tongue is also pink.


He is the leader of the Alphas and likes to boss around the Accidentals more than the other Alphas do. This makes him very lazy. He likes to make it clear that the Alphas are the bosses and thinks they are better than the Accidentals. He also snorts, sniffs, and licks his lips when he talks. Just like a normal pig, he likes to be dirty and enjoys mud and Stinkfly's goo.

Powers and Abilities

Napoleon has great strength and is immune to stink and filth.


If Napoleon gets overloaded with stink, he likes the smell so much that he'll space out, leaving him vulnerable.


Along with the other Alphas, he was forcing the Accidentals and Stinkfly to do work on the farm. When the Accidentals escaped the prison, they fought with the Alphas. Napoleon fought Stinkfly. Stinkfly shot gas so stinky that Napoleon went in a trance, and then got punched by Stinkfly. After that, he and the other Alphas got put behind bars on the Farm.

Ben 10


  • Napoleon is named after Napoleon, the main villain from the novella, Animal Farm.